Mt Hakone – Photoseries

I arrived at my accommodation in Odawara the previous night and was excited to visit Hakone the next morning. After hearing about the views of Mt Fuji and seeing beautiful pictures of Lake Ashi and the shrine emerging from the water, I could hardly wait.

Only I woke to a very cloudy day


Not much but clouds visible from the bus’s windows on the way to Hakone


Hakone is situated at the bottom of a valley, so the clouds had closed in on me


Devastated, I decided to take the pirate ship across Lake Ashi towards the cable car


Getting “Pirates of the Caribbean” vibes


Hurrah! The cable car took me high enough to see some scenery


The clouds were beginning to part Hakone below


The beginning of the volcanic Owakudani zone


Hot volcanic steam coming from the water that makes the famed “black eggs”


The fumes are so bad the hot spring is sometimes closed


Suddenly, Mt Fuji appears on the horizon!


Mt Fuji stands in all its glory at the end of the Hakone Ropeway


The Infamous black egg; eat 5 to add several years to your lifespan!


Just a casual photo with Mt Fuji


Finally got that classic Hakone scenery after descending


Attempting to be artistic


The Tori Gate majestically towers out of Lake Ashi

What started out as dismal weather, by the afternoon I was able to gaze at Mt Fuji in all its majesty. Hakone is truly a place of many beauties, and its nature can be enjoyed in all kinds of weather. Have you ever had a day turn out to be more rewarding than first thought?

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6 Replies to “Mt Hakone – Photoseries”

  1. Wow, your photos look very mystical, I like how you have captured the gloomy atmosphere!

  2. Cool series of photos, I especially like the spooky foggy pictures of the pirate ship! Keep it up and thanks for sharing! I so wanna go there too!

    1. Thanks, Anna!

  3. I recalled my memorable visit to Hakone while reading your post. Greatly enjoyed your pictorial story.

  4. Really nice post to flick through, that Tori Gate photo is awesome 🙂 We love volcanoes and Mt Fuji is on the list for sure. This might be a stupid question, but, is ‘The Black Egg’ literally a black egg??

    1. Thank you! Only the shells of the eggs are black, caused from the sulfur and iron in the volcanic water they’re boiled in, but are extremely healthy!

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