About Me

Hi, my name’s Jay and I’ve had the travel bug since I was 7 years old. By the time I had turned 16, I had already been to 20 different countries over 3 continents.

I was lucky to be born into a family of travel crazy people. Although there were 6 of us, we began doing family trips early. This quickly evolved into overseas journeys, starting at the countries closest to us like New Zealand and Thailand. The final family tour we all did together was around Europe for 3 months, which is when my obsession for traveling grew to new depths. Now with all the children in the family grown up, we have gone our separate ways and have competitions as to who’s visited the most countries and experienced the greatest settings.

Travel effected my learning too. I decided to focus on languages and major in history. Of the several languages I attempted over my youth, Japanese was the only one that stuck. Surprisingly I found it easier than French and German. Eventually I was led to Japan, and on my third visit to the “Land of the Rising Sun,” I never returned.

Japan has taught me many things. Living here on a day to day basis has revealed a side to the country that I never got out of traveling. It’s made me want to explore the true side to every country, but one lifetime is not enough and there are no do-overs; life is a one-way street. Nonetheless my aspiration to travel the world is immense, so my goal is to simply just see as much of the good stuff as I can. More importantly, I want to share this with all of you.

This blog is not only about my overseas expeditions, but also everyday life in Japan and the crazy experiences I’ve had here. Growing up I would spend hours looking at maps and aesthetically appealing pictures, so I like to prioritise being able to take pictures of places (and me) that will make all my followers jealous. If you’re interested in some of the places and experiences I rate the highest, check out below.



Favourite country: Slovenia (besides Australia of course!)

Favourite city: Prague, Czechia

Current wishlist: city hopping in Croatia / trekking in Iceland / everything old in Egypt

Best scenery: Slovenia / Switzerland

Best food: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Best experiences: road tripping the Great Ocean Road, Australia / walking around Cesky Krumlov, Czechia